Why does my business need to be on Twitter?

If you own a business, you know that the promotion of the same, that is, disclosure is the soul of business. No matter if you have the best product or service in the world: if your potential customers do not know of its existence (or the existence of your product or service), then it is unlikely you reach a sufficient financial return to maintain its operations – and that’s where one of the advantages of Twitter when properly employed by small and medium businesses.

For large companies (read here Coke, Nestle and others), it is very easy to reach many advertising and merchandising channels, as they have very large budgets for marketing activities, but when we are talking about the small entrepreneur, this does not have those same figures and that is why the Internet is a channel so interesting for your marketing because it allows much better measure the cost-effectiveness of each tactic.

Being one of the largest social network of the moment, Twitter can be useful in several different ways – you just need to understand how it can help you and map out your strategy. A first way is, for example, paying through the Twitter system itself, to have their promotional messages broadcast to an audience determined. And then you can determine how successful a campaign on Twitter was comparing how much was spent in total (creation, publication and distribution of the content) and how much of the target was achieved at the end (number of clicks on a link, quantity followers, engagement with your brand etc.).

Another good idea is building¬†communities in social networks – such followers then could act as “defense counsel” of your brand, sharing the good things that they have achieved through their products or services. However, this process does not conclude from night to day and it is necessary to build a strong profile and well respected gradually. There are tools that can help you in managing your accounts and / or communities in social networks, but do not leave running to buy the first to appear in front of you: do a very detailed research in order to know each of the options available in the market and buy one that suits your needs.

And a third and final way to adoption of Twitter in the expansion of your business can be by monitoring what is discussed in this social network. So, making a good management of your brand you can avoid problems faced by one or two consumers generate a bad impression about your business to others.

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