Make Money Blogging Guide

Who never wished to make money sleeping or any kind of completely passive income? Blogs aren’t passive income and you shouldn’t expect making money just sleeping – but you can make some money day and night. Blogging can be a funny and intelligent way to make some extra income in your free time. And, if you have other ways of making money online, blogs can be a great complement. This article can help you to improve your blogging skills to make money.

Don’t spend money purchasing tools! Blogs don’t need be expensive and you can start one with zero money. If you don’t have a budget to invest on writing and publishing tools, don’t worry, you can start without them. WordPress, for example, is a good content management software – and it’s completely free.

Do you know how your blog will bring dollars to your pockets? If you didn’t think about it yet, interrupt everything you are doing and make a “money plan” describing how it’ll happen. A simple but good way to make money with blogs are affiliate programs like AdSense and Clickbank. But the best way to know what will work better for you is testing all options.

Write content that sells! One way to get high-conversion content is writing useful product reviews. An objective and sincere product review can be very appreciated for your audience, bringing some commissions due to sales. In order to do it properly, create a list with all products and services related to your niche and write one review for each weekly.

In this “Google Search Land”, SEO is a must. If your blog appears in search engine rankings, you’ll get thousands and thousands of visitors daily, otherwise, it’s better to have a “plan B”. An amazing title, great first paragraph and at least 600 words (in content body) are some requirements for a good SEO. And make some good linkbuilding can improve that result in search ranking.

Blogging isn’t a complete passive income, but can be a great extra income. You won’t be a blog expert overnight, but don’t worry, you have a full live to dominate it. Just try to do your best each day and you’ll get better results.

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