Is blogging a cash cow?

In last years, many people are searching for passive income ways. Well, I don’t guess blogging earnings are passive income – you need do many things to get money from there. But, if you want to work and get some money writing and promoting it, yeah, blogging can be your little cash cow. Maybe only blogging isn’t enough to making a live for many people, however it can be a good extra income. Pay some attention and you’ll learn one or two new things about blogging.

Don’t spend money purchasing tools! You don’t need to buy publishing or marketing tools to create a simple blog. Of course, some tools can help you to produce more – nowadays I use some tools to gather information, write and publish content, for instance, but I started without them. And for content management software, choose WordPress – a free but powerful choice.

How do you intend to make money? Every profitable blog is created with a good monetization strategy planned. If you want to make some money with Adsense, Chitika, Clickbank or other affiliate program, no problem, but you need to choose one and create a plan. If you don’t know which better monetization channel for your blog, try some ones and find out by yourself.

Write some review content. Product review posts are useful for your readers and drive traffic to good products, getting good commissions. And if you do it properly, you won’t be selling bullshit, you’ll be helping them to find useful things. Write one or two review posts monthly and share with your friends and followers.

Focus on SEO. SEO: three letters deciding if your blog will appear on search rankings or not. It doesn’t need complicated, actually, on-page SEO fundamentals are very simple: write a good and short title, create a text splitted in sections and try to answer all doubts of visitors. And about off-page SEO, your goal should be getting good backlinks from real and reliable websites.

Blogging can be a gold mine – or cash cow, you name it. It’s so simple that you can start in some minutes, but it’ll take a life to master it. Learn every day, write what you learned and make some money.

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