How to make money with a blog

If you visit several internet marketing websites, you’ll read one hundred times blogs can help you to make some money online. Great, but how is it possible? If this is your first time trying to create a profitable blog, it won’t be easy – there are much wrong or outdated information available online. However it isn’t a huge monster and, if you follow some simple but effective tips, you’ll create a solid and long-term profitable blog.

Free or paid approach? When you are creating a blog to make money, you have two basic ways – you can create it in some free blog platform or host it in your own domain (paying for it, of course). First way will save you some money, but your income results in long-term can be smaller. And there are serveral free platforms, but most used is It can be useful when you want to test potential ROI for certain niches, but not so profitable when you are starting. Second way will require some initial investment ($11.95/year in some domain registration and $75.00/year in shared hosting), but your blog will seen as more serious information source by search engines and social networks – and it’ll convert more page views and sales in the long run. In this case, you can install WordPress platform in your website (it’s free!), some good (and free!) plugins and a beautiful theme and start to write there!

What niche will you choose? In order to make some money in your blog, it should be “niche focused”, so you’ll reach a certain audience. Why should you focus on a target audience? It depends on your monetization strategy: if you want to make money with Adsense, Chitika, Infolinks or other PPC program, so you need choose a niche with good audience and many advertisers; if you intend to sell affiliate products from ClickBank, CommissionJunction or other affiliate platform, so you need a good audience interested in a great product. I guess you got the idea.

Write awesome content! I guess it can’t be highlighted enough. Many people start a new blog and complain it doesn’t get good traffic or their visitors leave it immediately. Well, if you don’t have a good content to offer, people won’t read it. You can write it by yourself (cheap option, if you are getting started) or hire someone else to do it (if you have some budget). A not so good option is using content generator softwares. It isn’t good because search engines can identify computer-generated content – so your blog will be deindexed. Other reason is computer-generated content isn’t so readable, interesting or “new”, so your visitors will run away. But, you can use content generator softwares to get ideas for new blogposts and so write it by yourself!

Now, it’s time to promote your content! If you have written a great new content for your blog, why shouldn’t you promote it in social networks, doc sharing sites and other places? Do you know that quote “do it and they will come”? In blogging, it doesn’t work! Writing a new content is half of effort, now you need spread out it. And there are several ways to do it, but one of my favorite ways currently is social media marketing. You only need have one (or more) user account in some social networks and publish a small text with a hyperlink to your blogpost. If you have a good amount of followers/friends or it becomes itself viral, you should get 200 or 300 visits almost instantly.

Well, this is a way – but not only way – to build a profitable blog and make some money there. It doesn’t contain all aspects, but shows first steps. If you selected a profitable niche, SEO Writing Promotion is everything you need to get your “piece of cake”, doesn’t matter how much competitive that niche can be!

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