Blogging is a way for success on the web?

Surf on the web and check some websites: probably 4 out 10 websites are blogs – and some of them are making some good money. Having a blog can be something new, but after some time and following good tips you’ll get good results. Creating a profitable blog isn’t easy or fast, but it’s possible – and you should try it, of course. There are good and effective content about it on web as well within books.

You can create a blog without spending a dime or invest some money, it’s your decision. In last years, I read some success stories from guys building blogs on free platforms and others investing on domains and hosting. With a free blog platform, you’ll can save some money – and use it for other purpose. Some free platforms are Blogger, and LiveJournal. Use them to check niche popularity or measure return on investment, for instance. Paid approach seems more professional and serious and you should adopt it if you are creating a blog for your business or thinking about long-term results. You will only need to register a domain, purchased a shared hosting and install a content management software like WordPress or Joomla.

A good niche can be a gold mine. By selecting a profitable but not so competitive niche is an important step. What to consider when choosing your niche? If you are thinking to make money with Adsense, focus on competitive Adwords niches, if you work with Clickbank products, select niches according to products you sell – briefly, it depends on how you intend to make money. It isn’t rocket science.

High quality content isn’t desirable, it’s essential! Nowadays, content is base from success on the web. Some beginners launch a blog with only 3 or 4 blogposts and don’t understand why they aren’t making any decent money. Your blog won’t get anything without many high quality content posts. If you don’t have enough money to invest in, you should write your own content. Some people use content generator softwares. But, who uses such tools forget search engines don’t rank nicely that kind of content. And if you don’t review content generated by those softwares, you’ll publish garbage on your blog. Have automated solutions to help you drafting content, not as whole process.

Content promotion is a must. Writing good content is first part of process, next step is promoting it. Promotion on web can be done in several ways and if you want to reach some success you should focus on it. Doesn’t matter how good is your content if you don’t spread out it. If you like to visit social networks, so you can like this idea. Create some accounts in social networks and share your blogposts with other people. Of course, if you have many followers, it’ll help, because you need to send your content to many people.

Every journey starts with first step and now you can do it. Of course, there are more things to worry about, but starting from here will give you some advantage. And follow some reputable blogs about making money online and you’ll get what you want.

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