Money Club is a place dedicated to discussions about business, finances, financial investments and new opportunities to make money on the web.

If your goal, like me, is facing new challenges and opportunities, knowing new business ways, preparing yourself better to marketplace, finding out new ways to make money or just killing curiousity about several subjects related to finances and business, you’re welcome, you are in right place. 🙂

Founder: Christiano Lima Santos

I’m Christiano Lima Santos, graduated in Computer Science (Universidade Federal de Sergipe), specialist in Business Management (Universidade Cidade de São Paulo) and currently studying at Master program of Computer – Software Engineering.

I have worked as temporary Professor in Computer Department of Universidade Federal de Sergipe, as well as flash game developer, and, since 2008, I’m a blogger, talking about several subjects.

If you need contact me:

So, I expect to create good discussions here.

See you!

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